Oxygen Plus Canned Oxygen

Stock up on energy-packed Oxygen Plus oxygen products to see what a boost of 95 percent pure oxygen can do for your exercise, work, travel, hiking and recovery. Oxygen Plus’s portable, recreational oxygen is designed to deliver on-the-go energy to help sustain vitality, decrease stress, improve mental clarity and alertness – so you feel more like you again.

Use O+ oxygen as a trusted travel, party or altitude remedy or to help restore your get up and go. O+ lightweight and stylish oxygen canisters contain 95 percent enriched oxygen – which is more than four times the amount in unpolluted, everyday air.


Chill Out Oxygen is proud to offer Oxygen+

We now have oxygen in a can, ready to go when you are. After much research, we have found the best product on the market today to distribute to our clients - Oxygen Plus.

Contact us today, we carry their full line of products:  303-249-4354